John Dillinger

Mimi will have to do. I don't have a picture of John Dillinger.
Mimi will have to do. I don’t have a picture of John Dillinger.

The last two days the Gypsy Carpenters were in Tucson on a major buying binge for our current project. There were things needed for the work ahead that couldn’t be shipped so we drove over and picked it up. This business trip allowed us a night on the town and some determined over eating.

The Olvis canine pair accompanied us so we were constantly alert for do-gooder citizens and the popo despite the fact that the weather was wet and the skies fully clouded. We figure we’re not going to get a second chance to break the canine protection laws in Tucson without prosecution. One more infraction and we’ll be in the hoosegow. Just ask John Dillinger about the efficiency of the Tucson police. They snagged him back in 1934.

John and his gang were laying low in Tucson at the Congress Hotel when the hotel caught fire. The gang fled but left behind their luggage. Some gang members paid the firemen a nice tip and asked them to retrieve their belongings. The curious firemen found $23,816 in cash in the bags plus some accouterments of the bank robbery trade. Later on while reading True Detective magazine the firemen recognized the Dillinger gang members. The Tucson police were notified. The Tucson police set up a stake out and managed to bring in one of the most notorious gangs in American history without firing a single shot. They had done what the combined forces of the FBI and several states had failed to do. At the time of his capture John Dillinger muttered, “Well, I’ll be damned.” The bad guys were returned to the Midwest to face justice but escaped from jail before trial. Dillinger soon met his demise in a shoot out while on the loose.

The Hotel Congress has a very nice restaurant with interesting and scrumptious meals. The Mexican Mocha is a perfectly spicy chocolate coffee drink. I insist you try it the next time you are in Tucson. And stay out of the reach of the law.