John and Clair got married and we were there and other stuff…

116So much going on that I forgot to mention that we attended the nearly spontaneous nuptials of our great friends, John and Claire.  Claire looked HOT HOT HOT in a red dress.  She was daring and beautiful.  John looked hopelessly in love. You can see more pictures on Facebook.

Now we are headed down Leslie Gulch on the Owyhee River.  There are some unusual rock formations down there and several hot springs.  No cell service so no T-day call to the family and no facebook or webpage updates until we get out.

Today Burt and I learned that I need more time to just contemplate what we are doing before we launch out of town.  We had so many errands to run.  Burt needed to sign the title of his truck over to John.  I had a ton of wedding pics to get onto a CD to mail.  The logistics of finding my blank cds and mailers are pretty minor, but the inertia to just get them is difficult to overcome.  I think there is an effect from the sheer momentum of driving that makes it more difficult to do the sedentary things.  I just needed a moment to take stock of email and bills before we head into the wilds.  It’s easy to let everything slide.  So far we’ve managed to brush and floss everyday, twice a day.  Off we go, into the wilds.


Learning to be on the road

We’ve been on the loose since Saturday night.  It is now Tuesday afternoon.  We have used the GPS to find a Wal-Mart in ugly, icy weather.  We side tracked to a lovely state park (Bruneau Sand Dunes).  Mimi the cat is eating and drinking and otherwise “functioning.”

Yesterday we made it to Boise and so have enjoyed Dori and Andy’s hospitality.  Elvis is playing with his dog friend Hank.  I got a wireless card today and can now update this page more reliably and most importantly track our finances on demand.



So Long, Helena…see you again some day

We are winding down at the house.  Our trailer and truck are nearly packed.  Thanks to so many people for all the support and love.  Here is a random list of things I am grateful about today:  Sue took us to On Broadway last night.  The IR ran a great photo and story about our trip.  Will Harmon is a very informative and fun fiddle teacher.  I learned a ton in 3 weeks and gained confidence.  John and Claire are getting hitched this afternoon and we get to be there.  The WMDs were a great band to play music with.  All of Burt’s clients.  The EPA and all my co-workers there.  Our great house and its cool new tenant.  Jen Acacia.  I don’t know where to start or end…Tom Harpole’s editorial advice. Casey on the web and all computer snafus.  Linda and Paul and Emma for nice dinner party.  The Downey/Hedges clan.  Jay for the meds.  I’m sorry if I forgot you…I really am overwhelmed right now.

Elvis and Mimi are anxious.  Elvis has it all figured out.  He’d rather be in the trailer than the house now.  Mimi is in denial.

Our last gig with the WMDs tomorrow night 6 PM at the Staggering Ox.


Ione Gig Cancelled…Music up on MySpace

The people of Ione, Oregon have canceled their fundraiser because all the important people are planning to be out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend.  We are overly bummed about the cancellation of a non-paying gig.  I think we were eager to get in the swing of traveling and getting involved with people in the places we go instead of just passing through.  We’ll just have to head on down the road and see what we can drum up on the coast.  If you have any ideas, pass them on.

We got our recordings converted to mp3s yesterday.  My fiddle teacher, Will Harmon, did it during my lesson yesterday.  The are posted at  You can click on the link on the left to hear them for yourself.  They will be posted here soon as we figure out how.

I went out with some of my former co-workers last night.  We had some wine at Sommaliers.  I miss them, but I do not miss work at all.  I was especially happy to have Sandy Wardell come out and bid me farewell.  Sandy’s husband John had been my boss for 17 years before he died this summer.  Sandy had some great suggestions for places to visit on the Oregon coast.  I’m hoping she remembers the name of the cheap seafood restaurant before its too late.


Recording is such a pain

The two points of intimidation:  John Dendy and the mic.
The two points of intimidation: John Dendy and the mic.

Yesterday our great friend John Dendy came over and recorded us so we would have some higher quality stuff to put on the web.  Well the recording quality might be better, but the playing, well we’re just players not recording artists.  Both of us were nervous like chickens.  Bumble and fumble.  Melodies evaporating before my ears.  The fret board looked like some kind of ancient artifact.  What were we doing?  How can we even play in public?  I had to abandon one of my favorite tunes “Dance Me to the End of Love” because I could not play and sing at the same time.   Here’s a picture from the session.


Charlie finds his Angels outside O’Tooles today

Kris, Betsy and I have a weekly lunch date.  This week we went to the Vanilla Bean.  Yummy tuna and pesto bows.  As we walked together afterwards we were laughing about stylish jeans versus my new favorite: the $17.99 Levis at Costco.  You can say I’ve given up on ever being happy with a pair of pants.  Anyhoo….there was some discussion on how to hide muffin top with a demo (you know who you are) and whether certain stores even carried our sizes.  We headed down towards O’Tooles bar when a regular barreled out he door and yelled to us, “It’s Charlie’s Angels.”   I am still chuckling.  Give that man another drink.  Here’s a look at those gorgeous crimefighters today…DSC01179