Corregated steel and rough cut timber roof

The Gypsy Carpenters are available for your job no matter where. The last 7 years we have accomplished projects big and small and near and far. The Gypsy Carpenters specialize in rural, hard to reach location. Burt has over 30 years experience building and remodeling homes.  Burt is an especially accomplished remodeler of older homes.  He has the skill and pragmatism to help you solve the most vexing design problem.  He is also a great painter.  Susan is a civil engineer and that might make you think she brings something to the table.  In fact she’s a good demo girl and all around gofer.  Burt can do it all and she just lends a hand.

Recent jobs include restoring a victorian mansion that had been converted into 5 apartments back to a single family home, popping up on a single story craftsman and building a shop/garage.  Pictures are below.

We are itinerant carpenters and musicians wandering the U.S.  References available.  Contact us at the spot below if you have a job you’d like us to consider.

6 thoughts on “Carpentry”

  1. The last time Christian built an addition I almost got killed by a falling support timber.
    Be very careful around him.

  2. Hey, another post to your great blog…..Burt, would you take a look at my kitchen door….I need a screen door that doesn’t wake up all the neighbors!

  3. Hi! dear friends,where are you? I am in Mexico for a little while ,I see you having fun that is great , I have sent a few e-mail without contact,
    please keep in touch .

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