Teeth Okay

I felt a warm glow today when my dental cleaning and inspection resulted in a commendation for good work and a report of no worsening of periodontal disease. That’s when I knew I was old. Happy to keep my teeth for a while longer yet. The happy feeling hasn’t waned yet. Burt came out smiling, too. I was worried because previous problems had resulted in a recommendation to have my teeth cleaned four times a year and I have found it impossible to keep up. I’ve pretty much given up on Mexican dental hygiene. The dentists I’ve seen do mediocre cleaning jobs. I haven’t had a need for any kind of repair but I hear they do good work. Meanwhile scheduling a cleaning in the US is very hard. My practice of 20 years is scheduling 6 months out. I cant even get to Montana in time to renew my driver’s license or serve on jury¬† duty. I certainly can’t pick out a date for a teeth cleaning six months in advance.

Lucky for us New Mexico has a great system of public health clinics. An hour away is the Hidalgo Health Center. The hygienist there is fantastic. I’ve seen her twice now. In fact. my last cleaning was with her just about a year ago. She and I were both pleased to see how well my gums looked with no professional attention in a year. Since we are working here through the fall I’ll be able to see her again before we head to Mexico. Life on the road is not conducive to these mundane chores.

Our bathroom remodel job is almost complete. Pictures up soon.



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