Logistics of a Gypsy

Mimi: retired.
Mimi: retired.

Living a life on the road is fraught with its own annoyances. The home tied workers of the world deal with traffic and boredom and cube land. We that move have different problems.  Obviously mail delivery is difficult for the wanderer. I am forever grateful that our friend Sue manages our mail.  Car registrations and property taxes are paid on-line. This month a series of ill-timed paper work or duties of citizen ship have popped up that I cannot address on-line. My Driver’s License expires this month and I’ve been called to jury duty. Since I am not visiting Montana this year I’m stuck either letting my Driver’s License lapse. I rarely drive so it’s tempting or I have to complete a pile of complicated paperwork. Here’s the run down on how you renew a Montana license from out of state:

1. Print 5 pages of forms to be filled out.

2. Fill out form 1.

3. Visit a doctor and have them fill out form 2 verifying you are still among the living. Why a doctor? I mean anybody can say I still live and breath. I can even swear to it. It’s not as though a doctor greets you at DMV.

4. Visit an eye doctor or optometrist. Have eye exam and have them fill out form 3. This I understand. DMV does an eye test. Why can’t the eye guy say I still live and breathe?

5. Get a CERTIFIED check for the renewal fee. PITA. Google PITA. They accept personal checks at DMV. Why not in the mail?

6. Send in all forms PLUS 2 copied of valid ID. Does my Expired license count as valid ID?

7. Send in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

8. Hope you followed the instructions correctly.

I will attempt this mass of paperwork next Friday. Fingers will be crossed I don’t spaz it up. I am out of practice.

On to Jury Duty. I have always wanted to serve on a jury. I was never selected when I lived a life in a town with a job. Never selected when I would have loved time away from the desk. This is the third time I have been called to serve in 5 years. Time to stop voting. Voter registration lists is where they pull the jury pools. Since my vote is nearly irrelevant in Montana I may as well stop. To get out of jury duty I have to find a Notary Public and sign an affidavit saying I am out of state. It gives me a grim chuckle to think about the irony of having to do steps 1 through 8 because I am out of state and then needing an affidavit to prove I am out of state.

And to wrap it all up here is a little trailer life story. Mimi has hung up her fangs and claws. Two days ago we were invaded by an army of mice. In twenty-four hours we caught three. Mimi was uninvolved and uninterested. The mice wandered everywhere while we slept. Droppings in the cabinets, on the stove and counters, in Mimi’s feeding station, on Elvis’s bed. This happened over night. Yesterday I tore the place apart and cleaned it all up. Mimi snoozed. A few years ago Mimi was the first tier of rodent protection now she is too deaf or blind to care. I’m not sure what to say about the dogs. Olive caught a mouse the other day but it was far from the trailer. Burt thought maybe the dogs had taken these mice in as pets.

That’s all for now. Birthday trip to Bisbee tomorrow. Drinks and pizza and ….




3 thoughts on “Logistics of a Gypsy”

  1. remind me to tell you our story about the Lordsburg Motor Vehicle department. 2 days, 3+ hours later, Willis has his new driver’s license and I wrote complaint letters to MVD and the governor!

    remind me to tell you about driving the red truck back here from NY. Statute of limitations not out yet so this is hush hush…………………..

  2. I have been informed from a very reliable source that jury selection is pulled by the drivers license not voter registration as most people think. (at least in Montana). now you will really be in a quandry–do I vote or do I drive?!

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