Check out this edge detail.
Check out this edge detail.

Burt and I helped some friends tile their tub surround yesterday.  It went pretty smoothly. We had to do some fancy narrow cuts to finish the unorthodox edge but it all worked out fine with the new saw.

Elvis is fine. His lump is responding to treatment and nearly undetectable. Glad we only spent $420 versus the $920. Really makes me wonder why the vet pushed for a full work up. We also wonder if we should have just waited a few days. But it was Friday and Friday is the day before Saturday and Saturday emergencies always cost more.

Below you will see my latest contribution the the success of the Gypsy Carpenter building empire. Our off-site clients asked for a drawing of the deck we proposed for the front of their house. Laugh away. It lacks a certain degree of modern professionalism and I am both embarrassed and delighted by it. My delight stems from the fact that the clients liked the drawing and the project is a go.

I went to engineering school. I am ashamed at my skills.
I went to engineering school and this was the best I could do.
Burt looks huge in this tub.
Burt looks huge in this tub.

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