Dr. Talamantes

Burt is ready for his close-up.
Burt is ready for his close-up.

Burt’s having a rough week around here. First he sliced his finger with a hand saw and now an old filling has gone bad. Dr. Talamantes gave him an on the spot root canal this morning. Our plans to sing with the Bridge to English kids were scuttled as the local anesthesia wore off and the pain set in. Burt can’t play guitar yet because his finger wound is still a little oozy but we had made plans to use harmonicas as tuning forks and go acapella this week. The best of intentions and best laid plans and all that. We have so little control.

I called Dad today and he had me swooning with his litany of the disabled and dead around his parts. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so sad. He suggested I put him, my mom, and Burt all in one house and hire a team of Mexicans to care take everyone while I, the supposedly fit and young one, enjoy myself. I do admit I hate cooking and washing the dishes but I am optimistic Burt will make a full recovery and be returned to his status as the “Great Maker” around here. I fully expect him to outlast me.

Oh yeah, the root canal and crown should come to about $650 US. I hear that’s about 35% of the going rate in South Carolina. It’s $200 less than what I paid for non-root canal crowns 20 years ago.


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  1. It is funny. My dentist in MT has done the same thing for years. Burt’s did not so he was surprised.

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