Party Animals

The ladies who wear hats

Baja midnight comes somewhere between 7 and 8 each night depending on who you ask. Burt and I are on the early side. You could even call us homebodies despite the fact that we don’t have a house. Our trailer beckons and we like to be snuggled up for a DVD around 7. I have some theories about the cause of this in the general population but the cause in our specific lives is no house equals no rooms to sit about in.  That and 7:30 AM yoga. Darkness comes early and brings with it chill air. We naturally head indoors and under the covers. Just as we are falling asleep the local populace wakes up. This is what earplugs were made for.

This week something got into our friends and we found ourselves out to dinner three nights in a row. It was fun but now we are pooped. Last night’s gathering was with our former bass player Todd Silas’s sister-in-law Raechel. Ms. R brought hats for the festivities. She is a classy broad. Our dinner party had a former Hollywood starlet and 5 men, 4 women. Burt was the only straight guy. We ate too much and left too early. In between we abused the iPhone to answer trivial or trivia questions and post selfies of our spectacular hattedness on Facebook. What? You say there was a football game on? It was the 48th Superbowl? It sounds like we didn’t miss anything.

Today I met with our Palapa Society contact, Serena, and we worked out a song list for the three age groups. We’re going to start with these and see what happens:

The Teenagers:

Let My Love Open the Door (the Who)

Stand By Me (Umm….)

Bad Moon Rising (Creedance Clearwater Revival)

Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)

The Tweeners:

On Top of My Spaghetti (is there anyone willing to claim this?)

Let It Be (the Beatles)

Bye Bye Love (Buddy Holly)

The kiddos:

You are my Sunshine

Little Teapot

This Old Man

We’ll start plowing through the curriculum this Thursday at 3:15. Our goal is a choral extravaganza before Spring Break.

Lizarraga: frutas y verduras


Pretty day.
Pretty day.
Low tide is good for and flicking.
Low tide is good for sand flicking.
Burt has a snazzy snaggle tooth.
Burt has a snazzy snaggle tooth.

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  1. Groundhog day and, in Mexico, Dia de la Candelaria or the day of candles which signifies the time of year when we can discern the increase in light as we head towards the equinox.

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