Terlingua, Terlingua, terlingua

Moonrise over the Chisos Mountains

The Gypsy Carpenters just finished up playing the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua, Texas.   I like saying Terlingua as much as I like saying sesamoid.  The afternoon passed slowly.  Nerves were getting the best of each of us.  We passed the time playing solitaire at opposite ends of the trailer.  Burt remarked that it seemed odd we couldn’t get together and play a game with each other.  I thought it was a good sign.  We were each in our own space quieting our brains.  At 7 we went over for dinner.  The Starlight has a great restaurant with all kinds of local hand cut meat.  At 7:30 we had more time to kill so we headed out to pace between the trailer and the bar.  Terlingua is a ghost town.  People are living in the remnants of old stone mining shacks.  The Chisos Mountains loom in the east.  As we paced the full moon crested over the Chisos and lit up the ghost town.  A good way to turn around and get to it.

It was a small but attentive crowd, again.  Our first tip of the night came after Burt told the story of how he shot off his big toe.  We got on the subject when somebody remarked he was lucky to be a carpenter and have all his digits for playing music.  I couldn’t help myself and said he doesn’t have all his digits.  The audience wanted to know more and I pointed to the empty jar and said fill her up and we’ll tell you what happened.  Meanwhile we played a song.  The story

Burt looking at his wife

was a bit of a letdown after all the buildup but we made great tips anyway.  It was our first night using the very powerful magical mic.  Just one mic for everything, guitar, mandolin and vocals.  It worked great.

We met a family from Fort Davis (another favorite town).  They were intrigued that we had seen the local elk, something they had been aspiring to for a while.  They just got back from Slab City, too and also LOVED it.  GO to Slab City people.

Thanks to Chad and Summer for hosting us.  Thanks to the staff at the Starlight for the great food and service both nights.  The menu is great, the ambiance perfect.


One thought on “Terlingua, Terlingua, terlingua”

  1. Hey Burt and Susan:

    It was great meeting you both and hearing your beautiful music the other night at the Starlight.

    Great blog, by the way!

    Jan, Steve, and little Stephen

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