Recovering from the Xmas Party

Elvis can hardly stand up and Burt and I aren’t much better.  At 10:30 the Mark Clan started to arrive and by 11:00 it was champagne and breakfast.  We had to run the table kitty corner through the dining room so everyone could sit down.  Carol and George have 3 sons around the same ages as Burt and his brothers.  They all grew up together.  Burt was the main instigator.  As if that wouldn’t be obvious to anybody who knows Burt.  They came to the party with wives and kids in tow.  There were 14 of us around the table.  Things moved along pretty sedately until the white wine and champagne took hold.  Next thing I knew presents had been opened and Uncle George was dancing with a USC blanket worn as a cape while we played Tzigane.  I hear there’s a video.  I really had to dig deep to play the tune while I had one eye on the fancy footwork.  He tottered and spun, careening about with his eyes half open, droning along with the tune.

We played some more songs and yakked for a while before retiring to the kitchen for an all female, multi-generational game of 3 to 13.  I learned some more family history and got a bunch of laughs.  The talking got so good the game fell apart when some one said they were in the mood for salami and I was able to produce the great handmade stuff we got in the Napa Valley.  Cards ended and eating started back up.  What are the odds a person could fulfill a craving as easily as that?   It was meant to be.

Elvis played all day with two doggie cousins.  A canine love fest.  We are up to 2 days with no new tick discoveries.  Word from the readers is to try a lavender spray.  Sounds humiliating, but if the ticks show up again we are going to give it a try.  He’s already on that yucky systemic insecticide stuff so we can’t use any more registered pesticides.

Tomorrow Burt and I plan to see Venice Beach.  I hope it’s a full on freak show.


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