Carpinteria and a road called “Good Enough”

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The view to the ocean from Sespe Wilderness

We’ve stopped looking for ticks.  They’ll have to finish dining and get out on their own.  We’ve been in Carpinteria for 2 days.  Yesterday we were instructed to repark our vehicle because (this is no exaggeration) one inch of one tire was off the pavement.  Welcome to California!  Otherwise its a great spot.  We saw some harbor seals on a bike ride, enjoyed some sushi and took a nice walk just yesterday.

Today we headed into the Sespe Wilderness to hike in the California Condor Refuge.  Burt used to come here when he was a kid.  On one trip his grandpa hiked with a homemade PVC frame pack at age 72.  It took an us an hour to drive the 10 miles into the trail head.  The road was named “Good Enough.”  I guess it was, we got there and back.  You can see it on the map above. The road was a steep windy one lane that appeared to be built on scree.

On the trail Elvis continued his efforts to acquire every tick in his vicinity and flushed several coveys of Quail.   We were sans shotguns so its Huevos Rancheros for dinner.  We saw some condors off in the sky and got up high enough to see to see the ocean 25 miles away.  You can’t do that everyday.  After our 5 mile hike we had some leftover spicy edamame.  It was better cold, but maybe that was because we ordered too much food last night.  Anyone with advice on how not to order too much sushi, please get in touch.

Sespe Wilderness
Sespe Wilderness

We hit Fillmore for some propane and 2 condors flew right over our heads while we were at the gas station.  This canyon had the last known wild condors and in the late 80s they were all captured and put into a captive breeding program.  Talk about your last ditch effort.  Astoundingly the breeding program was successful.  Birds were re-released in the early 90s back into Sespe and then the Grand Canyon and most recently Baja, Mexico.  This spring we saw some in the Grand Canyon.  Wild California Condors are now breeding in the wild.  Yahoo.


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  1. merry christmas….i know it is too late at night for me because as i read this chapter’s first paragraph i got to the part about the harbor seals on a bike ride and you know what popped into my head….it would be quite a sight to see them on bikes…..circus material……have you thought of a book on your travels-“travels with elvis and the ticks”….or it could be the name of a headbanger band…..just a thought….

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