Tick Tick Tick

That sound you hear is my head about to explode.  We are removing ticks constantly.  Elvis now has numerous pusiferous spots on his neck, head and pits.  I think we may have to go to the vet tomorrow.  We thought we were getting ahead of the little suckers but yesterday a fully satiated blob rolled off and tried to walk away.  I sent her to the inferno.  On today’s walk we picked off 5 more and e weren’t even half way with the hike.  As I type Burt has Elvis in the showers.  I’m not sure who will come out on top or if it will help in the battle.

Today we started our morning watching neoprene clad surfers take on a beautiful 5-6′ curler at the campground.  The wave was so nice we had our ritualistic should we or shouldn’t we discussion for the tenth time.  We keep thinking we’ll hold out for warm water on the east coast and then we see the waves here and wonder if we shouldn’t get after it.  Problem is we don’t have wetsuits or boards and we don’t want to drag either all over the US.  Sadly we have decided to wait.  Nonetheless, it was a beautiful wave and inspiring to watch.

Burt on the top of the Indian Caves

After our morning fiddle practice we headed for a hike to the “Indian Caves” or “Wind Caves” depending on who’s talking.  We are at the southern end of Point Concepcion, a desolate remote place.  We hiked up a ridge to the “caves” and got a great view of the bay and countryside.  On a ledge at the lower most alcove was a woman on her sell phone.  She was holding the phone like a mic and she sounded like she was giving a monologue.  40 minutes later she was in the same place doing the same thing.  Burt and I thought we would come back to the spot for any lengthy conversations we might have.  I was bummed that I couldn’t ask her how she manages the ticks on her golden retriever.   Didn’t want to interrupt.  We had a lunch of dry-cured, spicy salumni, cheese, apple and crackers.  Elvis got to eat the apple core and salumni wrapper.  Aren’t we the best?

After that hike we hiked to a nearby hot spring.  It was too tepid for us to bother so we headed on to Nojoqui Falls in a nearby county park.  The falls spilled over a travertine build-up.  Looked like a stalagmite out in the open.

Sycamore and Susan

Burt just ran in with Elvis.  He didn’t bother to get dressed.  Just him in a towel with Elvis on a leash running across the campground.  Gotta go and help sort them out.


One thought on “Tick Tick Tick”

  1. Frontline Topspot will fix the tick situation for elvis. It kills the little fuckers as soon as they bite. I’m sorry to say that you guys won’t get off so easily. Happy Trails!

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