Parasites damn parasites

Jack at home
Jack at home

We’ve been offline a few days while up in the Sierra foothills visiting Burt’s dad, Jack.  After spending 4 days living off the largess of Burt’s mom and the Golden Center Retirement village we moved over to literally scab onto Burt’s dad’s place.  Free food and parking and electricity.  At the same time we learned Elvis is playing host to a nasty variety of tick.  Michal found the first one.  Since then its a constant stream of arachnids.  They are so small we can’t find them until they get parked and start sucking his blood.   I find them so revolting I’m ready to head back to the land of ice and snow.   Every tingle and itch on my body must immediately be investigated to determine if they’ve left Elvis for me.  We travel with tweezers.  Last night we almost ripped off Elvis’s nipple despite headlamp and reading glasses.  He took it pretty well.  Jack suggested we needed anatomy lessons.

Indian Grinding Rock State Park

The Miwok Indians lived throughout the Central Valley of California.  Some of them still do.  Just a few miles from Jack’s house is a great State Park:  Indian Grinding Rock.     At the park is an enormous bedrock outcrop that the Miwok used as a mortar for grinding acorns.

grinding rock recesses
grinding rock recesses.

The Miwok would collect acorns, cook them and then grind them on the enormous stone outcrop.  There were a surprising number of individual grinding station all around.  It looked like they might have invented the assembly line.  I wonder if there were spots that were more desirable from a work or social point of view.  There were enormous oak trees.  At least 3 different kinds.  Mixed in were sugar pines and toyon and ponderosa.  We saw numerous tasty looking mushrooms.  The highlight was a flock of wild turkeys.  We are turkey crazy and that was our third flock of the trip

Burt Drives Trailer Across the Golden Gate Bridge and thru Frisco

More steady driving from Burt has us safely shrouded in fog at

Your Driver.  Safety is always in season.
Your Driver. Safety is always in season.

Half Moon Bay State Park.  We left Jack’s after another great walk.  A manly squirrel took a potshot at us from 40′ up a tree.  From the ground we could tell it was bigger than 4 Montana squirrels.  The drive across the central valley was uneventful.  I enjoyed catching up on email and the news.   We’ll have huevos rancheros with homemade refried beans for dinner.   We’re debating the local attractions:  The King Tutenkhammen exhibit? Monterey Aquarium? Hearst Castle?  We could go broke if we go to everything we are interested in.  Send us your vote.

Here are some pics:


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