Holiday party was worth the wait

Late Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Lauber’s house in NE Portland.  I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive showing up at the home of a complete stranger.  We had met on Facebook as fans of Dan Roberts, the luthier who built Burt’s guitar.  All anxiety evaporated as soon as we walked into Suzanne’s home.  The place was decorated to within an inch of its life.  Christmas trees in every room, teddy bears lining the stairs, and my favorite, a blue sky of twinkling stars covering an entire dining room wall.  The food was plentiful and delicious.  Pulled pork kept Burt’s plate full.  He had to go back 5 or 6 times to get his fill since there were only mini-plates.  Next year he’s bringing his own plate.  That was all before our friend Dan showed up.  Dan and the home’s owner, Suzanne Lauber, are first cousins.  When Dan and his fiancee Rosemary arrived we had Irish whiskey and an Islay scotch to choose from.  Once the business of choosing a drink was done we got to play some tunes and play we did.  But not before an old college friend of mine popped in to say Hi.  Bernadette House and her boyfriend Larry swung by on their way to another engagement.  We couldn’t chat long but we sang a tune or two and made plans for the next day.  I think we went for another 4 hours.  It was an older crowd and they went nuts for Fulsom Prison, Jackson and These Boots were Made for Walking.  The best moment of the night was when we wrapped up Horace Silver’s Song for My Father and a man told us his daughter used to request it every night to go to sleep by.  She called it the Da Da song.  He had been a jazz drummer in the sixties in DC and assured us we did a stand up job.  We thoroughly enjoyed playing for such a diverse and friendly crowd.  When we wore ourselves out we GPSed our way home and hit the warm bed in the Nash.

This morning we joined Bernadette and Larry and Becca and Hans for breakfast.  We had another great round of catch up and the Burt and I headed back here to Eugene to see Son Volt.

Here are some pics of Portland in the twilight…


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