Arizona fugitives apprehended 5 miles from our camp

This is a weird story so bare with me.  When these guys escaped from their private facility in Kingman, AZ four weeks ago I said to Burt, “We need to be careful.  These guys are dangerous.”  We were in Colorado.  A couple of weeks later we heard they were suspected to have killed an RVing couple in New Mexico not far from where we had recently been.  I didn’t become obsessed with these guys but lets say they were on my mind.  In some fundamental way I perceived them to be on a similar course with us.  Soon we heard there were only two left on the loose: a guy and his cousin/fiancee.  They were reported to be in Montana.  I didn’t believe they were there to stay.  A few days ago as we were headed into Arizona I said to Burt, “I think those guys are headed back to Arizona.”  Two days ago as we headed into the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest I said, “Those escapees are nearby.  If anybody approaches us with a gun, I want you to follow my lead.”    He manfully said, “I will.”  God knows what I was thinking.  This was the night they were apprehended.  A mere 5 miles away.  You could practically see them from the hill we climbed that night.

I have to say I have no idea where this was coming from.  These were spontaneous utterances that Burt always took seriously but did not lead to much conversation.  The night they were apprehended we had climbed up on a high point of about 10,000 feet.  The mountain was called Wahl’s Knoll.  My friend Ken Wahl died a few years ago.  Ken was a former Secret Service Agent and believer in remote viewing (esp).   Maybe Ken was sending me messages to keep us safe.  I didn’t know we were on Wahl’s Knoll until after I heard the news on the local radio that the Kissing cousins had been caught. You could practically see their campsite from the top of our mountain.

I’ll revert back to my inner engineer soon.  Burt’s ready to try and contract me out to the FBI.  I told him these are the only fugitives I felt were speaking to me.

BTW that bug is in it’s natural state.  No blood, no puffiness.  It’s just a black and red striped orb out of Dr. Seuss.


3 thoughts on “Arizona fugitives apprehended 5 miles from our camp”

  1. speaking of handsome fugitives and their attractive fiance/cousin—did you see the very attractive/sexy tattoo above his beer belly which spelled out A R I Z O N A
    the bigger the belly the bigger the state will be. no wonder his cousin couldn’t resist him… the aryan nation and the superiority of said nation all make sense when you see the active members–the gene pool must be kept pure and the only way to do that is to marry your cousin ….lovely…..m

  2. they could have used your spidey-sense up by St Marys. Everyone there (including local law enforcement) seemed convinced those two were hidiing out near Glacier NP. The whole NW portion of the state was on alert and of course there were false sightings. Comical.

    I think the guy they got in Meeteetsee was TRYING to get caught – and it stiol took him two DAYS of very public loitering (in a very small town) before someone finally caught on! I like Meeteetsee better than most WY towns – it belongs in MT.

  3. Susan – Just getting the chance to reply to your phone call – I just love cell service in the Pintlers! I love your story, and I am SURE that Ken was sending you the message! I haven’t had a chance to check your blog lately, but I sure enjoyed my reading tonight. I miss you guys and look forward to catching you by phone in the near future! – B

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