Summer is winding down

Wolves chowing down on a bison. An army of magpies and ravens hovered.
Wolves chowing down on a bison. An army of magpies and ravens hovered.

Jardine never provided us with summer. The cool and rainy season we enjoyed up here was spring and now fall. A cool, smoke-free season. It reminded me of the early 90s in Helena when we couldn’t plan outdoor trips before the 4th of July and it snowed regularly in August. It used to rain in June. Summer was an idea. We always had a winter coat within reach. Thank you Jardine for the reminder.

The Gypsy Carpenters are pulling out of Montana at the end of next week. We’re planning a trip to the Goshute Mountains for raptor migration as we make our way down to Portal for the 9th Annual Portal Irish Music Week. You can read about the raptor migration HERE. Burt with very little help from me has nudged our client’s project further than he committed to back in early July. When we arrived here the simple remodel we were expecting had morphed into a high end upgrade: beverage fridge, two sinks in the kitchen, a hot tub, tile through out, etc. I always counsel clients that costs and times are driven by the finishes. Tile and tongue and groove walls are way more costly than laminate and sheet rock. More time consuming, too. This job was now out of reach for the two months we had planned because client dream of their dream home. Everyone does it. Add to the dreamy dreams that we are in Jardine. Jardine is a full hour from hardware and lumber. Subs do not want to come to Jardine. They charge a Jardine tax. Things get drawn out even when everyone shows up for work. Day one we gave them the bad news. We could not tile. We could not install subfloor heating. We could not finish in the time alloted. We offered to leave so they could hire someone else. Given the scarcity of workers in the neighborhood the clients did not want us to leave. Everyone regrouped and Burt proposed to frame and dry-in the addition. That included the foundation for the addition. The clients took what they could get. Burt did what he promised and a whole lot more. At the cusp of departure the siding, walls, ceiling, and cabinetry are in plus a floor lift. All of that more than promised. Roofing, tile, finish plumbing, and finish electric remain.

Lower angle lighting means winter is on its way.
Lower angle lighting means winter is on its way.
Rocks on a rock
Rocks on a rock. My theory is a Yellowstone naturalist guide uses these rocks for a lecture.

5 thoughts on “Summer is winding down”

  1. There might be agates in that rocky pile. I appreciates the clouds, as usual. Consider a sojourn to Hawk Ridge, MN someday.

  2. Say hello to the Goshutes for me!! I spent a long weekend up there when they were first counting back in the late 80’s. Helped with the measuring and tagging (took notes, held birds) and got to release several. Sat in the blind and watched trapping hawks. They snagged an immature golden. The two men with me in the blind broke the door down in their excitement to get the bird before it escaped. I think it was their first golden netted.

    It’s a bit of a climb up, and well worth it. One of my bestest memories, ever. You will have such a great time!!

  3. You’ve been living in Jardine all summer, so that should help. I will be mentally walking behind you, pushing you up!

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