Can’t Keep Up

A Dale Livezey original
A Dale Livezey original

My friend Kristi Ann Larson took me on a bunch of walks this summer and I was a good girl. I did not roll in poop once. The same cannot be said of our other companions. KaL and I started running the surrounding trails with our friend Linda when we were in our mid-thirties. Now we walk and Linda is dead. A lot has happened in the last 20+ years. We miss Linda. She was the most steady, kind, and thoughtful of us. I mean we can be those things but she could do it all at once and make it look easy. I feel like it’s a juggling act for me. She was kinda normal in the best normal way. Kris and I are outliers on the bell curve of life. I’m so glad I still have kAL around to just be with in the woods, walking. I hope to be able to keep up next year and do a bigger walking adventure with her. Call me crazy. She’s an important person for me even though we hardly see each other anymore. It’s the way it is with some people. Drop in and out, get along or not, but they are still true. Other people not so much.

The painting above is by a Helena artist, Dale Livezey. Kris and I took a landscape painting course with him a long time ago. Kris gave me the course as a present. She likes to spread art and nurture other people’s inner artists. Every time we paint with the kids in Mexico I think about that class and those evenings sitting on a hillside in Montana watching the sun go down and the sky colors change from horizon to moon. See them HERE.

Thanks, Kris. Reconnecting with you was the bestest part of this pretty good summer. I’ll spare you the tears.

kAl and Trixie doing to de-poop at Cox Lake.
kAl and Trixie doing the de-poop at Cox Lake.
Done kitchen
Done kitchen

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