Dark Money

A native Helenan has a new movie out. It’s called Dark Money and it is about the effects hidden powerful donors are having on Montana politics. The movie has been met with enthusiastic reviews. Helena will be hosting several events with the director/producer Kim Reed this weekend. Sadly, we’ll be out of town otherwise we would be there to show our support for this hometown hero.

Just a few days ago I heard some tennis players making vulgar comments about a person they happened to know that had transitioned from a man to a woman. I heard of few details that made it clear this was someones they all knew. Famous or local, I wasn’t sure. They were laughing and saying disrespectful things about a person that had bravely and openly changed their gender. I was offended. I could have pretended not to hear them. I could have ignored their ignorant and hurtful comments but I didn’t. Hate breeds in these situations. Bigotry must be called out. I don’t want anyone to think they can spew racist or sexist or xenophobic comments around me. Silence is complicity. I cut through their laughter with the following comment, “So you’re all transphobic bigots? Charming.” They cut the crap and got down to playing tennis.

Yesterday, I heard that Kim Reed was coming to town and I put it all together. The tennis players were former classmates of the Helena High School star quarterback and valedictorian Paul McKerrow. Paul was voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed.” Paul is now Kim Reed. There’s a documentary that covers her return to Helena after she transitioned to a woman. Check out Prodigal Sons HERE. I think Kim is living a very successful life. True to herself and, with her new documentary, telling truth for all of us.

Meanwhile, if transgender issues make you uncomfortable I suggest you read a few things on the natural occurring diversity of gender in nature. Human genetics are very complicated. Gender is a spectrum. If you feel all there is in this world is male or female and nothing in between or that genitalia defines who you are you’re seeing the world through your own eyes only. As my life goes on I have come to know many people in many places on the gender spectrum and I feel lucky to know them.


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