Families Belong Together

Todd and Burt
Todd and Burt

The time for staying out of the political fray is gone. I’ve never hid my views but I’ve also tried to limit my discussions here to things that effect us personally. I’ve tried to respect that reasonable people can disagree. I never wanted to hurt feelings. I’m done with that. The things being done in our name by our government make me sick. If you think it’s all fake news you are an idiot. Okay, maybe you’re brainwashed by FOX and company or your preacher. If that’s the case you’ve surrendered critical thinking to a machine that makes money from selling propaganda. It’s too late for me to reach you. I won’t be rude but I will be forceful. The direction this country is headed is dangerous. I will stand up and protect the people.

Yesterday Burt and I played music for the Keeping Families Together Rally in Helena, Montana. This was our friend Todd’s idea. Todd said, “Let’s do this.” We said, “Great idea.” So I called the organizers and offered our services. They did not say no. We showed up and they used us to hold the crowd while the normal event technical snafus were worked out. We sang Spanish language tunes and played Latin melodies. We sang “Mary Don’t You Weep” with the line “Pharaoh’s army got dorwnded” for inspiration. We must persevere.  Fear of the other cannot be how we govern. It is the worst way to live. Fear is a large part of my life. I suffer from anxiety. I face it every day. And I know that all good things are beyond the mists of fear. In my experience decisions made in fear are never the best. Strength, love, diversity of life, wonder…Push past your inner monologue of  fear of scarcity, immigrants, drug traffickers, black people, muslims, Mexicans, women and see the range of humanity out there. If I listened to my fears there would be no Burt and Susan, no Gypsy Carpenters, no Portal Irish Music Week, no life in Mexico, no music.

On the other side, the intellectual side, these actions of our government make no sense to me. Alienating allies, embracing oppressive regimes, making health care unaffordable again, building a wall that has been proven not to work? I could go on.

In summary, if you think separating families asking for asylum and sending those children only-god-knows-where is a reasonable approach to our border’s human rights crisis, then get the fuck out of here. There. I’ve said it.

George McCauley original

Good crowd
Good crowd
Singing for the crowd
Singing for the crowd

12 thoughts on “Families Belong Together”

  1. Well done. Saw you from afar as i arrived late. Too bad couldn’t hear you…… We must persist. Stand for humanity.
    If you all get the chance to see the documentary on Pope Francis I would encourage you to see. He fights a difficult institution while fighting for the downtrodden and disenfranchised. Very interesting…

  2. Being European,I’m not authorized to say something on these (disgusting…ok…I have said something..) Mr Trump actions.
    I can only say that there is the Europe migration crisis where France loves to give lessons (as always) but is picky about offering chance to migrants. On the latest ship, the Aquarius, there where 630 migrants, including pregnant women and children….they stayed several days on the sea, waiting for a response from the European nations… Those were “lucky” because others disappear when boats sunk into general indifference.
    How those things are possible ? Aren’t we on the same earth ?

  3. You’re right, Anne. It’s a global issue and many countries are doing teeeible things. Meanwhile our countries also bear responsibility for colonialism and destabilization of the developing world. We sucked out natural resources and leave chaos behind. It is our obligation to accept refugees.

  4. Susan and Burt. I’m so glad we did this together!
    I’ve never felt so happy to be a part of this community as I was at this rally.
    After watching the right wing idiots pounce on Susan after the fact, I’ve never felt it more necessary for ALL of us to vote together to show these people that their vision of America is the wrong vision.
    The choice is as stark as can be. We can’t blow this one.

  5. You are right and you do well, I appreciate your engagement, all those things you do, you are strong

  6. You said it well Susan and I share your feeling. The time has passed for tolerance of the political situation. It is no longer “just politics” but moral and ethical. We must stand up and be vigilant and loud. Thanks for your efforts.

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