A little insecurity

SaraGay is learning Pinochle.
SaraGay is learning Pinochle.

It’s been an action packed week. Tuesday we took on a new student. She’s a smart one. SaraGay wants to learn to play Pinochle so she can play with my dad. We had a lunch and dinner date on the same day so we could start training her on the rules of the game. Two-handed Pinochle is a two phased game and is more complicated than the four-handed version. Like all games there are some rules that seem silly but you have to learn them. The Pinochle deck is also weird. It has 48 cards numbering 9 through the ace, 2 sets of each suit. The cards rank in an unusual order as well. The 10 out ranks all cards but the aces. It’s a lot to remember. Baby steps.

Last Wednesday we took five kids to see the movie Patrimonio in Todos Santos. I thought it was a big success but the next day none of the kids that went to the movies showed up for our regular English class and the day following not a single kid showed up for art class. I started to wonder if all the kids were in trouble for going to a controversial movie with us. Or maybe they were in trouble for being out so late. I really was full of anxiety. Maybe we had overstepped. Maybe we were colonizing? Emperialist gringos brain washing young children on the dangers of unfettered development and government corruption.  I was so worried I asked my neighbor Abril if she had heard anything. She hadn’t. She and Rafa advised me that it was probably a cultural issue. The kids are afraid to tell me they can’t come because they don’t want to disappoint me so they just don’t come and I wind up disappointed that they didn’t tell me they couldn’t come.

Then Tuesday they all showed up for class and then the following afternoon Vikki texted me and asked if I could take them to see the movie again. This time it was scheduled for 8:00 PM on a school night. I was delighted that the movie was so well received that a new group and one second timer wanted to go. We were out until nearly 10:00. Burt and I were ready for bed but the kids were just getting revved up. Operation pro-environment is underway.

This morning I woke up and thought, “those kids have to go to school, but I don’t”, and I skipped yoga. What a relief to sleep in. I took the Olvis on a three miler around the edges town while Burt played tennis.


A late night with some kids.
A late night with some kids. Anahomy, Guillermo, Zania, Mia, Daniela, Maria Jose.
Gray Thrasher, an endemic bird of Baja California Sur.
Gray Thrasher, an endemic bird of Baja California Sur.
Class time
Class time. The kids think I need to work on my lettuce drawing.

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