Natures beauty
Natures beauty. Grosbeak checking out the flicker twins.

I am grateful. I really am but at 5:30 AM when I read the prompt I thought “Ugh.” Ugh especially for the what are you grateful for about yourself. On the inside. The idea was to draw and write in our journals about our gratitude. It’s good for you they say. I wish I was grateful for waking up at 5:30. I wish I was grateful to wake up at all. Why do I hate waking up to a life I love? What is that about? I hate waking up. The night demons come in after dark I guess.

An hour and a half later I am still in bed. I drew a disintegrating picture of Elvis that I happened to enjoy while still under the covers. Sharpening my pencils in bed is messy. But what’s a few pencil shavings when you have nightly ants? Mimi stepped on my face a few times. I drew and put that gratitude on a side burner.

Burt is cooking breakfast while I write this. Yesterday I translated at art class and worked as Germani’s personal art facilitator. Germani and VIkki and I walked to class together. Gemrani wanted me to hold her hand on the walk and to help her accomplish her artistic goals. We have an unspoken arrangement. I draw in the major lines and she does the painting. I help with color mixing and general studio management. Germani is five. Her age, genius, or both require a free form approach to paint, water, palettes, paper. Things fly, spill, roll away. Some might say it’s a lack of fine motor skills. I think it’s boundless energy. She benefits from a full time assistant.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. I get lots of drawing practice. She paints. I have little interest in painting. My rusting drawing skills get worked hard. I have to be quick, decisive, and effective. My drawings need to look like the subject but have space for my master’s style of massive and heavy handed paint. I have made some pencil line masterpieces in this practice. Every one has been subsumed into monochromatic paint exercises. My study of La vaca Lola (a ceramic cow) will never be seen again. It’s great ego workout. Or an exercise in non-attachment. I am very grateful for the opportunity to draw for Germani.

Here’s some other things:

Burt, Olive, Elvis, Mimi

Cheese. Chocolate. Birds. Dad. SaraGay. Bridge. Bridge ladies.


Still purring.
Still purring.
Little air under my wings.
A little air under my wings. Germani drew the pear shape. I filled in the stem. She’s adding the shade. She drew her pear sideways but upright. She likes to work from the side.
My rock or my lifeboat depending on my mood.
My rock or my lifeboat depending on my mood.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. So much to be grateful for! I’m grateful for such wonderful family and hosts that provided an awesome life adventure for us. Don’t worry, I tell people a different town to throw them off the scent to where you are -wink, wink 😉
    Love the last pic of Burtie

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