Day 4 Art Journal Challenge

Today’s work was to find a selfie from last year and draw it into your journal. I found a selfie I liked that happened to be a wefie but Burt’s presence is minimalized and I like the expression on my face. Bonus: no eyes to draw. Burt thinks he looks like an alien baby in the original. I think he looks like my accompanist.  Further down you can see another pair of selfie and self-portrait. I was so pleased with the first effort I thought I’d try another. I abandoned the effort when my face got all bulbous. Eyes are problematic but I still like the weird feel of the unfinished.

Rumpus room rehearsal
Not as easy as it looks.
Not as easy as it looks.

3 thoughts on “Day 4 Art Journal Challenge”

  1. Here’s the poem I wrote.


    Irregular beats
    And an empty head
    There’s no blood there
    The headache comes next

    I can play through
    I can focus on the ball
    The notes might be crooked
    But so am I

    My musical rhythm is steady
    My commitment to my community is strong
    The strings of life are tuned up
    Time to sing

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