Carpenter is Physicist

Below are two screen shots I took while exploring the interwebz. The NYTimes had a funny article on how the government classifies and describes jobs. Here is the LINK. I think the USA government must have last talked to a carpenter in 1883. He was probably some immigrant from Eastern Europe building a robber baron’s house on Long Island. According to the database here are some skills required by carpenters: Analyzing limb speed. Torso strength. Here are some unneeded attributes: Do not have to speak. No active listening. No knowledge of theology or philosophy. Penguins on toast (my new patented expletive). What world is this? In 2017 we have power tools and clients requiring massive therapeutic talks. You cannot be a successful carpenter without an ability to speak clearly, design, and measure accurately. You must be extremely familiar with gravity. In fact you must be very careful with gravity. I always joke that you have to practically have a degree in marriage counseling.

By using the tool you can find the opposite job to one you currently have. I put in carpenter and came up with physicist. This is a major data fail. And funny, too. I’d say carpenters are applied physicists. Both groups measure and build and understand the laws of nature. Carpenters are the original physicist. If civilization falls down around us I’d rather have a carpenter nearby than a physicist but I think both would be handy for putting up shelters and bridges. Carpenters are just easier to talk to than physicists.

It is a very entertaining game. I put in environmental engineer (me) and came up with an opposite of meat packer. I will happily say I am repulsed by meat plants and meat packing. This analysis was spot on both in the details of the job description and the philosophy behind the jobs. Industrialized meat packing is an environmental scourge.

Play the game and report back here with your jobs.


4 thoughts on “Carpenter is Physicist”

  1. Dang. I put in “laboratory technician” and it had choices of “dental laboratory technician” which it was NOT. I worked at Kodak supporting production. So don’t know my opposite job…………..sorry

  2. So, I found chemist. Opposite model. The model’s skills are nearly identical to carpenter. I also found: measurer, weigher, tester opposite physicist. It’s funny.

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