In Helena, MT

The studio
The studio

I saw my doctor today. Blood was drawn for the hemochromatosis check and we scheduled a barium upper GI lookey loo for Friday. Meanwhile I am to continue taking prilosec. No news to report. I did re-throw out my back again this morning playing tennis. What a nuisance.

Mimi, after a few days of hand feeding chicken and canned cat food in bed, has rallied again. She even got a little feisty this morning. We had a tummy rub wrestling match. As usual, Mimi was victorious.

Our agenda for the remainder of the building season is quite diverse both geographically and project type. After the family, friend, medical visits here we will head back to Alpine, OR for the eclipse and some more decking. Then to Templeton, CA for a house remodel. Eventually we head to Portal, Mexico, and the Galapagos. Time is flying.


2 thoughts on “In Helena, MT”

  1. Your social calendar is probably full, but if you have time for lunch (or breakfast, dinner, after-school snack) give me a call. Would love to see ya!

  2. We had a partially smoky time in Glacier. The day after it snowed, we cancelled our idea to do laundry [half through the trip] and went for a hike in the clearer air. We just had 2 power outages for a total of ~ 34 hours. Talk about stress!

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