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Who is the real blogger?
Who is the real blogger?

It’s been three weeks and I am still not caught up on this blog. The European trip takes so much time for just a little bit of research. Meanwhile my knee hurts and so does my hip. We averaged more than 8 miles a day for two weeks. I’ve been trying to rest the legs and, still, I cannot catch up to present life.

We already worked in Alpine, OR. Currently we are working for Baja friends in Seattle. Burt is working. I am typing. I help some. Seattle is nice and cool. We’ve played some Bridge and some music. My mandolin went in for much needed maintenance and it is way more fun to play. The dogs have a good yard to visit. There is also a dog park 10 minutes away. Elvis thinks he is the doorman. Nobody can enter without a thorough nose frisking.

Mimi wasn’t eating when we got back from Europe. It was also in the high 90s. She has resumed eating but is noticeably odd and smelly. I wonder how many years she can hang on as odd and smelly. I remember that tune from the TV show Friends, Smelly Cat. It might be time to learn it. HERE it is. According to the song it’s all my fault.

When we finish this artist’s studio here we will return to Oregon. We have more work in Alpine and Oakridge.

Back to European vacay maƱana.


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  1. The reason this is taking you so much time is you insist on telling facts and doing research. It would be so much faster and easier to just make it up as you go along…. :) who could/would possibly argue with you?

  2. Mimi is 90 in people years according to the webz. Burt says Bob Addison is 100 and Mimi looks better than Bob so we’re counting on another couple of months. I bought her new bag of cat food yesterday. I buy the over 11 years old kind. Yesterday Burt said what kind of food does Mimi need? I responded the smallest bag. But yesterday I could only find a big bag of the food for super oldies.

  3. Mimi is going to go out in a blaze of gory when she is good and ready. She’s been getting to sight see so much, while lying in bed, she’s knows she’s got a good thing going!

    We will be out West in August – vaca/work trip. Yellowstone and Tetons/ Jackson Hole… need to catch u up. We had a two week window to do it and somehow made it work !

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