End of Spain

A decorated restaurant
A decorated restaurant


Our last day in Madrid was spent mostly resting and we still managed over 6 miles of walking. We left the studio in the late afternoon and headed to the street fair of home decor. Local business get involved by decorating their facades. I didn’t see much tempting stuff but I was taken with the science displays. Anatomy figurines and posters of parasites. When I gazed longingly at the parasites the proprietor came over and explained to me that they were parasites. In Spanish and English. I think he was alarmed that I did not recoil in horror and he was trying to gross me out. Utter failure. Especially because I couldn’t stop giggling over the penis.¬† Do you think the upper left hand parasite is associated with the penis? Or is that a parasite’s head? I think it’s a penis because there are other body parts near the other parasites. Hair follicle, muscle tissue. It’s a penis parasite. Now that’s interesting. And gross.

After the too hot fair of too weird interior decor we hiked to the anthropology museum. On the way we passed a sign in English saying REFUGEES WELCOME. It was an interesting thought. Why English? Brexit? Trump? Gypsy Carpenters? File that. The anthropology museum was mind blowing. Ancient history of the Iberian peninsula goes back to the beginning. Almost back to our origins in Africa. I saw stone tools of massive size. The display covers knowable time without gap. It’s all too much to take in. I thought Mexico City had an in depth and lengthy exhibit on the origins of man but Spain is even bigger and deeper. (I like Mexico’s museum more because it’s more fun.) There’s only so many atlatls and arrowheads I can take before I want an ice cream. I saw that there was a display of a reproduction of some of the oldest cave art ever discovered. I whipped out my Spanish and got to ask, Dond√© esta la cueva? two times. It was the highlight of my day. I never knew I would want to ask that question. Better yet I understood both answers. You’d think I’d only have to ask once but like most of Europe and Mexico signage is inadequate.

The cave exhibit was dated and felt like we were on the deck of the USS Enterprise staring into a far away galaxy but it was fun. Again, Mexico City’s cave art display was better. It felt more realistic. Madrid’s had too much chrome and glare and smelled musty.

Time to go to Italy. We had a 4:45 taxi to the airport the next morning. Time for bed.

Parasites. Do you think the upper left hand parasite is associated with the penis? Or is that a parasite’s head? I think it’s a penis because there are other body part. Hair follicle, muscle tissue.
Paper? No, origami inspired fabric. Bummer.
Can we apply?
Can we apply? It’s in English so I presume they’re talking to us.
Cave art display.
Cave art display.

2 thoughts on “End of Spain”

  1. Barcelona is a MUST see for your next trip!
    My calendar has unique architecture from all over the world. One is Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain. Started in 1882, expected to be finished by 2026, I kid you not. The Spanish architect died in 1926. The basilica will be the tallest church in the world when it is finished, 566 feet above the ground.

  2. The ONLY place in USA in this calendar is Air Force Academy building in Colorado Springs, CO.

    Oh and the Spanish architect for Barcelona was Antoni Gaudi.

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