Duality is today’s assignment

Here's hoping for the best
Here’s hoping for the best

Here’s hoping for the best after just experiencing the worst. I noticed a wobble in Olive’s step and then some drooling. By the time I covered the ten yards between us she was convulsing. Poison. That was my guess. Just 5 minutes earlier I had trouble getting her to come and I spotted her off eating something. I picked her limp body up off the ground and literally threw her in the car and drove away. She was in the far back and I could not see her. Dead or alive or somewhere in between. The car left the ground twice on the horrible beach road and then I hit 85 driving the highway to the vet. I made it in 10 minutes. I pondered the irony of killing myself and both dogs by driving like a maniac in our decrepit car but I could not slow down.

I screamed, “Ayudame, ayudame” as I ran into the vet’s office. Lucky for us all, he was available. Olive was doused with a hydrogen peroxide and several intravenous medications immediately. She had a high fever that was causing her convulsions. She pooped on me. I mistakenly thought I’d know if it was life or death when I reached the vet. It was in between still. The vet couldn’t say if she could survive. I regained my composure. It will be whatever it will be. I had done my best and so had the vet.

After an hour of treatments her fever was down and she could stand. The vet said to come back at 5, so I left. Olive is under observation. Hopefully she won’t need to be sedated. That is a sign she’s taking a turn for the worse. It’s impossible to tell how much might have gotten into her system.  Burt is off on a day long adventure out of cell range. There’s no point calling anyway. He’d just be dragged into limbo with me. By the time he returns the question should be answered. It’s easier.

I thought my discourse on duality would be about feeling more at home as a foreigner in a foreign land than I do as a native in my homeland. Not today.

I’ll update this as soon as I know more.


11 thoughts on “Duality is today’s assignment”

  1. how about charcoal as medicine? it neutralizes many things. Sheila Clark used it on her dog when she ate something. We also had some for humans as EMTs.

  2. Olive got charcoal and anti convulsants and something to lower her fever. It looks good. I just saw her. If things go well in the next two hours we can bring her home tonight.

  3. I’ve ever cared for a dog this sick it’s very scary. She’s still improving. She just ate a teaspoon of wet food and peed for the third time. I think she had 3 bags of fluids by iv to flush the poison through her kidneys.

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