Letting Go….

Broken CD
Broken CD

So the Gypsy Carpenters arrived at day one of our new efforts to bring music to the kids of Pescadero and I discovered the CD I carried around as a sort of talisman and life preserver of children’s music in Spanish was broken. It took my breath away. I had just been thinking, “OK, tomorrow I’ll give this a listen and see what looks good for this year.” Then I noticed it was snapped in two. With the kids around me and class about to start I stuffed the pieces back in my bag.

This morning I read that our journaling exercise was to find something to let go of, document it, and get rid of it. We could give it away or throw it away. Instantly I recalled that the broken CD was still in my bag and would likely stay there for sentimental reasons unless I seized the moment and did the exercise. This CD represented for me my idea I to build a children’s community music class in Pescadero. It is titled Crear Música! (Create Music!) A women I barely know made me this CD and sent me this music to help me fulfill my dream and expand her similar dream of bringing music to everyone. Maria at Carambola Music in El Paso took a chance on me and the tree is still trying to bear fruit. I have this image and this post (among others) to remember her generosity. And, I just realized because of writing, the music is on my laptop. I can let go of the CD.

The next question is how the heck did we break a CD? Have you tried to break one? It’s hard to do. A mystery for the universe.

Class number one went great. We have joined forces with my Spanish teacher Yvonne. Yvonne and Alejandra are teaching English in Pescadero and we have added a music class for the kids. We have a bunch of new kids in class. Pictures soon.


5 thoughts on “Letting Go….”

  1. I broke a Corelle Corning dish by dropping it on its edge. That was weird and made a mess but at least I had a very small audience.

    Hope the kids did not see you stuff the 2 halves back into your bag.

    Big oops and as you say, a mystery.

  2. The CD broke some unknown time ago. It could have been that day or months ago. The kids did not see it. Corningware, as you know, is very hard to break. It’s not even glass. It’s some mystery material.

  3. well Willis’ former employer did a lot of work for Corning. I have some Corelle dishes now; perhaps dropping it on it’s edge is it’s Achille’s Heel so to speak. I will NOT experiment as I have enough Corelle dishes, but not enough to risk any.

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