Time in Mexico Winding Down

El Alacrán. A very large scorpion.
El Alacrán. A very large scorpion.

The kids in music class are getting their right hand strumming under control so this week I let them hold the instruments by themselves and had them try to play a chord. Obviously nobody is going to learn how to play music this way. The idea is to open minds to things they might do in the future. Many of the kids have guitar players in their families. Here they can develop an interest that might lead to a desire or a drive or an inkling. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll ask to play papa’s guitar. There aren’t many (any?) local female instrumentalists that I know about. Once again we’re modeling ideas. Giving the girls something to think about.

This week we also did an improvisational dance number where I hilariously yelled out to dance like a spider when I meant to say frog. Araña is spider. Rana is frog. I said araña instead of rana as I proceeded to hop about like a frog of a certain advanced age might. The kids figured it out. This magical moment is available in video on Facebook thanks to class mom April.

I’ve been doing some Portal Irish Music Week bookkeeping. While I sat at my computer sending off annoying emails reminding people to pay their deposits this scorpion caught my eye. It was hard to miss as it made a move towards my foot. Happily I was shod in real shoes and saw it before it sought shelter in my pant leg. My yell for Burt had an unmistakable element of intensity. Burt thought I was either under attack or had won the lottery. And the truth is I was very excited in a happy way and also terrified. The thing is these big scorpions look bad but have a fairly mild sting. But they really look bad. We relocated this to an open field across the street.

As cousin Cara says: keep doing the good stuff.

The Magic Bus to music class.
The Magic Bus to music class.
Featuring Yerasca on banjo.
Featuring Yerasca on banjo.
Frixiaon banjo and Daniela on mandolin
Frixia on banjo and Daniela on mandolin. I have to admire Frixia’s use of pink as an accent color rather than the main style theme. She’s a rebel.

5 thoughts on “Time in Mexico Winding Down”

  1. pink looks like the fav color! “rosa”
    funny did I ever tell you I told a friend back east about The Pink Store. She said “what is it’s name?” ha ha ha
    “The Pink Store”

  2. “My yell for Burt had an unmistakable element of intensity. Burt thought I was either under attack or had won the lottery.”
    Big Belly Laugh here due to this!

  3. to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket. do they SELL tix in Pescadero? or Todos Santos?

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