In the grips of la gripa

When others formerly afflicted with this nasty virus we have told us it would take 2 weeks or more to recover I thought I would prove them wrong. Well here we are on day 11 for Burt and day 9 for me and both of us are still deeply afflicted. Last night we went to dinner just to get out of the trailer. It was lovely but exhausting. My voice is froggy and I have coughing fits. Burt has ‘snakes’ of snot coming out of his sinuses and he’s just plain tired. We’re watching a lot of television. DVDs of Network, Fame of Thrones, The Killings, The 100, Dr. Who….

The spider of a few nights ago is called a huntsman. They are famously fast and mighty hunters of bigger bugs. My friend Mayra told me they are great for keeping cockroaches at bay. I had to wonder which is more palatable a giant spider or a cockroach. Meanwhile Burt has been learning La Cucaracha (the roach). La Cucaracha originates in Spain and was a song sung while the Spanish were pushing out the Moors. There are hundreds of verses, many relevant today. So Burt’s picked out a few choice ones to share with the kids. It’s a catchy tune, too, and fun to play. SO. The stage is set. Here we are sick. Watching TV. Spending a ton of time on our backs in bed. Occasionally we manage to play a tune, clean the litter box, go out to eat. Mostly we avoid people and expending energy. Last night we were watching The Killing. It’s set in Seattle. I felt wet just watching. The lights are out and the laptop all aglow when large bug falls of the ceiling and land on my stomach. I suppress the urge to scream and flee. I calmly say to Burt, “There’s a roach on my belly.” Burt LAUNCHES out of bed leaving me to wonder where he’s going. One look at the bug from Burt and he realized this was no job for a naked hand. He was running for a paper towel to better defend himself. I start giggling but I am frozen in place. Above all I do not want to dislodge the cucaracha and lose it in our covers. The roach is staring at me. I am looking at it with peripheral vision because I cannot tolerate eye to eye contact with a massive beetle in my bed. Burt returns and dives on the beetle and says, “Wow! That’s fast!” He’d missed. I guess the fall from ceiling stunned the little bugger. Burt got him on the second jab just off the side of my now heaving gut.

The laughter and nausea almost killed me. I launched into a coughing fit so severe I had to take antacids to tamp down the stomach acid flooding my respiratory tract. Nose, trachea, sinuses, mouth all burning with digestive juices. And I could not stop laughing and coughing. All I could wonder was should I have left the spider in the trailer to control the cockroaches?


3 thoughts on “In the grips of la gripa”

  1. Geez am I glad I was not your waitress! Burt’s ‘snakes’ would have had me quit that job!

    and we knew a girl who called her one grandmother “Cockroach Grandma” since they picked cockroaches off whatever was baked in the oven. When the old lady died, the neighbors bought the house and burned it down. Maybe fire gets cockroaches or all the neighbors got an extra share, ew

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