Wobbly Internet

Panaderia de Pescadero
Panaderia de Pescadero

So I was in a feverish stupor today when I thought I felt something crawl across my head. I opted to pretend I imagined it. I prefer to think about our cute, hot pink bakery instead. Burt and I are very ill. Fevers, coughs, rivers of mucous, laryngitis. College of Baja classes are being skipped everyday. No Bridge, no tennis, no dinner dates. Lots of TV. Some naps. Gallons of soup with buttered rolls from the bakery a few blocks away. White four is still all the rage in Pescadero. There’s no finding a whole grain anything here, never mind gluten free. I miss whole wheat bread but I enjoy surrendering to the badness and, if you believe some people, pure evil of white wheat flour. So our blood sugar is going wild and our colon’s call for more fiber but we are enjoying what we can while we are miserable.

Inside this bakery are large rolls that make great arugala and tomato and cheese sandwiches. The rolls are made every day. Next to the rolls are racks of sweets. These cookies do not resemble any US cookies. Each time we buy rolls we try to buy a new cookie. Most are some combination of bread and sugar cookie. These combo cookies are a very old tradition from Spain. Ideally they are dipped in hot chocolate or coffee. Besides the bread/sugar cookies (there must be 15 styles of this alone) we’ve found a crispy coconut cookie and a cookie with a cheesy middle. Cheesy cookie is my favorite. It reminds me of a cheese danish even though they are not at all similar. The bakery is serve yourself. When you enter the store you grab a tray and some tongs. You grab the products you want from under the plastic sheeting. Take your tray to the counter and the kid there will bag it for you using the same tongs. Two rolls and a cookie are usually 12 pesos. That’s about 75 cents. Once I was charge 24 pesos. We’re not sure if it was a gringo tax or if I picked out some more expensive cookies.

On a less tasty note we found what crawled across my head. See the 3″ spider below. My new found love of spiders only carried me so far. Six months ago I might of had a panic attack if I had seen this thing on the ceiling above our bed. Today I just got a little excitable. Mostly I want to know how something so large got in here. Everyone says it’s a very valuable spider. The Huntsman is famous for clearing out unwanted bugs. I just wish it could do its job on the exterior of the trailer and stay out of my hair. I’m hoping he didn’t leave a girlfriend behind.

Lots of cookies to choose from every day.
Lots of cookies to choose from every day. Available products are under the plastic on the left. Cakes are in the refrigerator just barely visible on the right. The baker and cooling bread on racks are in the middle.
This has caused a problem.
This has caused a problem. He is very, very large and is on the ceiling above my head.

2 thoughts on “Wobbly Internet”

  1. ew to the spider news.
    there is a bakery in Palomas, Chihuahua. I think Marge in Rodeo took Willis there when they went for eyeglasses. Willis told me where it is……………also tongs and baked daily. No plastic covers though. One gal offered to pay but the Mexican woman could not give change for a $10 so I paid with a $1 bill. High prices compared to yours, each cookie and roll was about 25 cents each.

  2. Would be tempting to beat one’s head with a spider that big (or any spider for that matter) you showed great restraint.
    been away from internet for a while so am busy catching up with you. appreciate it.

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