Hand out the cigars!

Green Lynx Spider
Green Lynx Spider and spiderlings

Weeks of regularly checking in finally paid off with seeing the newly hatched spiderlings. This ferocious mama arachnid charged me twice while I took photos. Green Lynx are known to be very attentive and protective of their spriderlings. Some mothers starve to death keeping watch over their egg sacs. This individual did very well. She was observed with a buggy feast just a couple of days before the big debut of her many, many babies. Some unlucky bug wandered too close.

Over the course of studying this lynx spider I discovered that this spider is also a chameleon and changes its color, much like the crab spider. Over the course of a couple of weeks they can change from bright green to orange or purple or, as seen here, off white. Our specimen matches her habitat very nicely. The spiderlings are also very well camouflaged. The spiderlings will hang around with mom until their first molt (shedding of skin) then they well send out parachutes of silk and fly away on the breeze to make a life of their own. It seems so improbable that any survive. I plan to check in again and see if I can catch a picture post-molt but pre-flight.


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  1. huh, I missed this blog entry. had to look to see “who had a baby”? Portal is full of octogenarians and some nonagenarians, for those from far away, fyi

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