A hitchhiker comes back

Cody and Burt
Cody and Burt

Almost 6 years ago we set off on this nomadic lifestyle. One of our first great chance meetings was finding this guy pinned down on the side of the road by 50+ mph winds just south of Carlsbad Caverns. He was just out of the Navy and crossing the country on his bicycle. We delivered him to a hotel in Van Horn, TX and became Facebook friends. Cody has upgraded to a van but he’s still traveling the country working and playing just like us. We finally crossed paths again in Portal, AZ. He made a few bucks helping Burt and we played some music. Cody on the spoons.

That picture and blurb above is the most popular non-music related post I have ever made on Facebook. People love the romance of the open road and the good Samaritan story. Here’s the link to what we were doing when we picked Cody up: http://www.gypsycarpenters.com/?p=605. We all still like Slab City and this vignette demonstrates the power of an on-line community.


7 thoughts on “A hitchhiker comes back”

  1. A great story! When are you going to post how you caused us to become camp hosts and buy two Nash trailers? 😉

  2. Gee Whiz, that 5+ hour power outage yesterday got me off my Internet schedule [if I had one!]
    Fun story about Cody visiting and working and playing.

  3. We saw where it was the next day. It was just behind a ranch fence so people were safe. Bet they ran electricity on the ground over night and fixed poles the next day. Hope the cattle were okay.

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