I Can’t Keep Up

Mr. Dickcissel
Mr. Dickcissel or Ms. Dickcissel

There’s been a lot going on or if I have nothing going on I’m working at the Cave Creek Visitor Information Center and there is no wi-fi. Last week we went birding. In my previous post I mentioned I spotted a little bird and when I pointed it out to the other birders nobody knew what it was. We now have an ID. This is a DICKcissel. Yes, our inner 12 year-olds are sniggering. Mostly because we like to say Dickweed. Aside from our immaturity, this was a great spot. The dickcissel is a rare visitor to Arizona. The last record of one seen in this area was about 30 years ago. I’m mighty proud for making the spot and very grateful to the team of photographer and bird guides that finally helped me make the ID.


6 thoughts on “I Can’t Keep Up”

  1. When Richard Nixon ran for President I had a button that said “they can’t lick our Dick”

    my mother was appalled………….I think she threw my button away

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