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Clean up is part of the job.
Clean up is part of the job.

I worked at the Cave Creek Visitor Center this past Friday and Saturday. A total of 24 visitors came in and demanded information. I supplied the facts. The public sometimes does odd things. One man asked if he could leave my number with his mother’s nursing home in case of emergency.  I said, “Sure, but there’s better ways of keeping in touch” and gave him some alternate ideas for keeping tabs on mom. Cell service and wi-fi are spotty but if you know where to look it is reliable.

So between giving directions and instructing people on the natural history of the area (you saw a black-tailed rattlesnake, sir, not a Mojave) I cleaned the restrooms, swept and dusted, practiced the fiddle and read a pile of New York Times. My friend Carol gave me the slightly used and out of date papers but the reading is good no matter the age.

The man with the elderly mother called me from his hike to tell me they’d lost the trail. His cell phone worked up there, I noted. He asked if I knew where they were and how they might find the trail. Sadly my ESP and internal Google Earth spy cams were not working and I could not answer his questions. I suggested he back track and head down hill. A few hours later he popped in to let me know they made it back safe. I’d forgotten to worry.

Cave Creek Visitor Center
Cave Creek Visitor Information Center

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